I don’t have to tell you things are bad…

After protests in London today this clip from 1976 film, Network seems timely – give or take a few ‘minor details’.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk on nurturing creativity

A wonderful and inspiring talk by American writer, Elizabeth Gilbert author of ‘Eat. Pray. Love’

Where did our money go?

Despite at least £1.2 trillion of taxpayers’ money being put at risk to bail out the banking system, many of the major high street banks may well be asking for another hand-out from the public purse in 2011, according to new research from my colleagues at nef (the new economics foundation).

Time for motorists to get on their bike

Given that cycling has so many benefits – environmental, social, and economic – why is it that cars still trump all other modes of personal transport whilst endangering other road users?

Ration me up, selected to appear at the Design Museum, London

Can Design Save the World? That’s the question the Design Museum ‘s Sustainable Futures exhibition attempts to answer through examining the objects on display. Taking a selection of projects, existing or are in the making, this exhibition presents key examples of how design can deliver a more sustainable future.

Event: Rising to the Climate Challenge: Artists and Scientists Imagine Tomorrow’s World

This event looks like an interesting collaboration between the Royal Society (celebrating it’s 350 year anniversary this year) and the Tate Modern in mid-March. As you would expect from the Royal Society, their line up of speakers is pretty impressive, and I am sure it won’t disappoint. I’ve seen Professors Corinne Le Queré (UEA) and … Continue reading

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