Unburnable Carbon

Climate change communication has been in desperate need of a revamp in recent years. Public perception of the issue appears to be increasingly polarised. And, with the current economic down turn attention has shifted to economic recovery rather than environmental preservation

Shale gas: Saviour or dangerous diversion?

Likened to a modern day gold rush, development of the UK’s shale gas resources has generated both excitement and dissent in equal measures

Durban, a success? Only fools fight in a burning house

Calling Durban a success is the same logic as claiming a meeting to rearrange the deck chairs while the Titanic was sinking may have prevented the catastrophe.

The distribution of total greenhouse gas emissions by households in the UK

This paper, published by nef and the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion at the LSE, looks at greenhouse gas emissions from UK households and the impact of income on emissions.

A year on from Climategate: What have we learnt?

The reactions to “Climategate” said more about political and cultural biases than about climate science. It’s time we woke up to the way that our values shape the world.

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