A year on from Climategate: What have we learnt?

The reactions to “Climategate” said more about political and cultural biases than about climate science. It’s time we woke up to the way that our values shape the world.

Geoengineering – last chance saloon or carte blanche for political inertia?

Are geoengineering projects the last chance saloon for avoiding dangerous climate change, or just another foot dragging exercise to avoid having to make politically difficult decisions about our future ?

Growth isn’t possible: Why rich countries need a new economic direction

There is a reason that in nature things do not grow indefinitely.

I don’t have to tell you things are bad…

After protests in London today this clip from 1976 film, Network seems timely – give or take a few ‘minor details’.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk on nurturing creativity

A wonderful and inspiring talk by American writer, Elizabeth Gilbert author of ‘Eat. Pray. Love’

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