Ration me up, selected to appear at the Design Museum, London

Ration Me Up, part of a new series of work - The Bigger Picture: art and the new economics.

On Friday I heard some fantastic news. The beautifully designed carbon ration book (see below) I helped develop has been selected to appear at an exhibition about sustainability and design at the Design Museum, London. The exhibition ‘Sustainable Futures’ will run for 6 months between April and September.

Ration book?

In October 2009, the newly formed The Ministry of Trying to Do Something About It issued carbon ration books at  nef’s (the new economics foundation) event ‘The Bigger Picture‘ (incidentally I also chaired a discussion on Magic Bullets with environmental journalist Fred Pearce and nef fellow and author David Boyle).

Ed Miliband with his Ration Book - who exclaimed 'what, I can only get one pair of pants with a ration!'

Part of a collaborative Arts Council -funded project  and the brain child of the artist Clare Patey (also known for Feast on the Bridge), Ration Me Up was an art installation at The Bigger Picture that aimed (with the help of the ration book) to illustrate exactly what level of change is necessary if there is to be any chance of keeping global average temperature change below 2 °C.  None of us could have imagined how popular the  ration book would become, and it is now a rather sought after item. Ed Miliband, George Monbiot, Rajendra Pachauri (chair of the IPCC) and Bianca Jagger now all have one.

You can find more out about the Ration Me Up carbon ration book at the Ministry website . And,  there is a short video explaining how the ration book works here.

The Design Museum will also be stocking the carbon ration book. So,  if you want to get your hands on one, head down to the Design Museum from the 31st of March.

Whilst small actions can lead to change, the ration book shows that a significant shift in the way we live our lives and reducing the sheer amount of stuff we consume is needed. By making active choices and changing habits, you might even find that consuming less opens a whole new world of possibilities.

Info about the event below.

Sustainable Futures – Can Design Save the World?

31st March 2010 until 5th September 2010

Can Design Save the World? That’s the question the Design Museum ‘s Sustainable Futures exhibition attempts to answer through examining the objects on display. Taking a selection of projects, existing or are in the making, this exhibition presents key examples of how design can deliver a more sustainable future. The exhibition examines not only the objects themselves but also the infrastructure in which objects are produced and exist. At a time when designers and architects are under pressure to ‘think green’ and education establishments are placing greater emphasis on sustainability in the curriculum, this exhibition highlights how design can, literally, help save the world.


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  1. […] see what the kind of cut Moriaty and Honnery describe really entail, I suggest checking out ‘Ration Me Up‘, the monthly ration book I co-developed with the artist Claire Patey using a grant from the […]

  2. […] see what the kind of cut Moriaty and Honnery describe really entails, I suggest checking out ‘Ration Me Up‘, the monthly ration book I worked on with the artist Claire Patey and funded by the Arts […]

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