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Failed Eco-Mum

Why is it so hard to be an eco-mum? The sad fact is that being an eco-mum is an exception rather than a rule. And to be clear, this isn’t about shaming those that aren’t or idolising those that are – we are all doing our best.

Osborne’s long-game? The politics behind the down-scaling of low-carbon policies

Within weeks of the newly elected Conservative government coming into power, the down-scaling of low-carbon policies began.

Distributing power: Can the UK transition to 50% distributed, low carbon electricity system?

Would it be possible for the UK’s electricity system to transition to one where 50% of final demand was met by distributed, low-carbon sources and delivered by communities, cooperatives, local authorities, town and parish councils and social housing providers? And, if it was technologically possible, how might the transition come about? What kinds of policy and institutional support would be necessary, and crucially, would it cost more?

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An all-male panel is no way to honour Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson faced gender-based slurs on her work in the 1960s but, 50 years on, why does the Royal Society still struggle to invite women to talk about her legacy?

Writing wrongs, righting wrongs: Gender-balance at public events

Earlier this week I wrote to the Royal Society asking why ‘Writing wrongs’ had an all-male panel. The email I sent and the response I received are included in this post.

Book Review: Cancel The Apocalypse

In fascinating and iconoclastic detail – on everything from the cash in your pocket to the food on your plate and the shape of our working lives – Cancel the Apocalypse describes how the relentless race for economic growth is not always one worth winning

Unburnable Carbon

Climate change communication has been in desperate need of a revamp in recent years. Public perception of the issue appears to be increasingly polarised. And, with the current economic down turn attention has shifted to economic recovery rather than environmental preservation

Shale gas: Saviour or dangerous diversion?

Likened to a modern day gold rush, development of the UK’s shale gas resources has generated both excitement and dissent in equal measures

Infinite Returns

What’s impossible for the individual can be achieved by many: How alternative financial institutions are helping the transition to a low carbon economy

Oil dependence puts a glass ceiling on economic recovery

The era of cheap oil is rapidly coming to an end, ushering in ‘economic peak oil’ – the point at which the cost of incremental supply exceeds the price economies can pay without significantly disrupting economic activity at a given point in time.

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